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How to take daily/ monthly report from eSSL eTime Track Lite

eTime Track Lite
Loginto eTime Track Lite

etime track lite device management
Device Management

Select “Device Management” option under the "Utilities" menu

Selct your device

Select “Your evice name” by default device name is "TD", you can rename it as per your choice

Start Download

After selecting the device name click "Start Download" button

Download logs

The software will start downloading the logs from the biometric machine.Wait for “Download Complete” Confirm last log date and Last log time are current date and time. Also confirm all logs are downloaded. If your software is not downloading and showing error "Device not connected" means either your machine is powered off or network issues.

etimetracklite report
Attendance Report Menu

Now select “Attendance Reports” menu

etime tracklite
Report sub menu

Then select daily or monthly reports as per your requirement. There is lots of other reports also you can find under the reoprts menu. Choose the required report format.

etime tracklite
Attendance report preparation

Here you need to select the date range first. After that you can find filter options, you can prepare reports of a particular emploee, department or shift et. By default the selction is "Selct All."

etime tracklite
Attendance Report

Now your report is ready, there will be multiple pages. You can save the reports in PDF or Excel formats.

For support please contact Infosec Solutions - +91 7025 130 888



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