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EZVIZ Mobile App - How to download the recorded video clips?


Here are usually three ways for you to download the recordings:

1. You can manually record the video while in live view mode or playback mode. While in live view or playback mode > Tap on the "Record" icon to start the manual recording. Once the recordings have been completed, your video will be saved to "My Album" on the EZVIZ APP as well as in the Gallery(Album) on your phone.

ezviz record button

2. If you have CloudPlay service or if your camera supports downloading recordings stored in the SD card via the EZVIZ mobile app, you may follow the steps below: enter the live view page > find the video clip you want to save and tap the "Download" button at the bottom right > then tap the recording clip again and it will be added to the download list automatically. Then you may check the recording(s) in "My Album" on the EZVIZ APP as well as in the Gallery(Album) on your phone.

3. Alternatively, for some specific models, if you want to export the recordings saved on the SD card, you can also do it through EZVIZ Studio by following the steps below:

1) Download and install the EZVIZ PC studio on a Windows PC

2) Put the camera and PC under the same LAN

3) Configure the Advanced settings by following the instructions here

4) Click All devices and enter the Advanced Settings--Storage--File, then choose the date you want to and export it

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