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Why Should You Install a Video Door Phone System?

Someone has rightly said, “There is nothing more important than a good, safe and secure home.” We all aim for a safe home and protection of our family. Whether we are home or out for work, the thought of “Is everything alright?” lingers in our mind constantly. As we all know, technology is leading all the fields through the latest developments. And, home safety is not left behind. With video door phones, you can always have a supervisory body that keeps a constant vigil to protect your home. As compared to traditional methods of hiring a security guard, keeping a watchdog, etc, a video door phone system is economical as well as reliable. Besides being affordable, the video door phone offers a plethora of benefits which make this system worth installing. So, to make this clearer, given below are some interesting points regarding why should you install a video door phone system.

Safety & Security

Of course, the first reason to go for a VDP is safety and security of your family, valuables and home. A video door phone lets you see and communicate with the visitor without being physically present on the door. After knowing the purpose of visit and if required, you can choose to open the door or keep it closed. So, the video door phone is a great system to ensure the safety and security of your family and home.

Smart Monitoring

Even if you’re not at home, you needn’t to worry about who has come to visit you with video door phones. These appliances ensure smart surveillance and home inspection. When coupled with motion-sensors, security systems, and viewing apps, the video door system enables you keep an eye 24X7 notwithstanding whether you’re home or not.

Analog Video Door Phone Products

Analog products are popular choices for residential solutions. In traditional homes, visitors knock or use the doorbell – and security is non-existent. Now, Hikvision’s 4-Wire Video Intercom Kit easily solves this problem, creating more security and serenity for your home.

With the plug-and-play function, you won’t even need a distributor in this video intercom system – indoor stations can supply power to door stations via the 4-wire setup, making this solution cost-effective, adaptable, and easy to install.

IP Video Door Phone Products

The IP-Series Video Intercom products can serve a wide rage of scenarios including apartments and suburban homes. Since the IP networks transmit a larger amount of data, a higher video quality can be achieved. The IP-Series products boast the CCTV system integration capabilities, along with additional functionalities such as mobile app management.

Security and convenience truly come together in this IP video intercom solution.



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