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Security camera system for home – Buying Guide

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

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A security camera system for home is a primarily important investment for your residence or place where you are not physically present all the time. To keep an eye on what’s happening there. Today, there are multiple options to choose from. With that said, finding the correct security camera for your home or organization can be a challenging task. Having a better understanding of the different types of security cameras available and seeing how the various features align with your lifestyle will allow you to make an informed decision and keep your home or organization safe.

We provide all the types of security cameras for your home and organizational needs with a variety of different products that are very beneficial for getting an idea for buying any security cameras.

Here are 10 important things you should know before buying any Security camera system for home:

1. Resolution

Now a days security cameras available from 1MP (720p), 2MP (1080p) and upto 5MP (2560) resolution. Out of this 2MP (1080p) is commonly used security camera. We suggest to go for 5MP Camera which is not much price deference with 2Mp Camera.

If you are going for a 2MP security camera system ensure that real time view and play back both are 2MP (1080p). There is several brands are selling 2MP real time & 1MP play back system as 2MP system at cheep price.

2. Camera Body

Security cameras are available in plastic body & metal body. Vandal proof cameras also available which is difficult to break. For home purpose plastic body camera is enough.

Camera body rating also important go for IP 66/ IP67 rating cameras. For more details about IP rating please visit this link.

Today size is an important factor for buying any CCTV camera. Small size and slim camera are easy to install anywhere and also point in any direction.

3. Application Support

The modern security system cameras come with apps where you can check footage on your computer or phone anytime and anywhere. Connecting the cameras to your app is not always simple, with some cameras doing a better job at syncing everything together properly and sending you notifications without any issue. So this is also an important factor keep in mind while buying CCTV camera. Seucity cameras with H.265 or H.265+ technology will perform better in remote view over internet.

4. Storage

Use only surveillance series hard disks for storage, which is available from 1 TB to 12 TB. 1TB hard disk is sufficient for 4 security cameras to store visuals upto 1 month in motion detection mode. Please note DVR/ NVR with H.265/ H.265+ will use 50% less storage space than others.

We only use Western Digital surveillance hard disk with 2 years warranty.

5. Cabling

Cabling is the backbone of your system, it cannot be replaced always. Always use pure copper CCTV cables like Havells, Finolex, Hikvision, CP Plus Etc.

6. Night Vision

Now a days most of all security cameras are powered with Night vision feature. Night vision cameras are extremely useful if you want 24/7 monitoring. There are a couple different types of night vision. The most common type that’s used on most security cameras is infrared (IR) night vision. The IR night vision videos in Black and white image. There is a latest technology which can produce a colour visuals even in night mode.

Something you need to decide when choosing between cameras is if you need a black and white or colour camera. Usually a black and white camera will be able to take a more detailed video in lower light, so colour cameras are normally the choice for lighter areas. However, colour cameras are especially useful for identifying a subject’s hair, clothes or car if you want to catch a thief.

7. Field of view

Field of view or we can say area covered by a camera to capture is depends on the camera lens. Security Cameras are available from 2.8mm – 12mm lens where 2.8mm have close visual with wide angle & 12mm has long visual with narrow angle. Varifocal camera which can adjust focal length manually or motorized are also available.

Commonly using Security cameras are with 3.6mm lens.

8. Power supply

Certainly use CCTV SMPS with separate channels for each camera.

9. Connectors

Never compromise in quality of BNC & DC connectors. Connectors play a big role in Security camera performance and stability.

10. After sale service

Finally the most important thing is After sales service. If you are not getting proper support you have no use with security camera system. While selecting a dealer be more careful. Dealing with registered & Certified companies are better even they are little bit costlier.

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