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Deliver even better customer experiences and drive new revenues with Hikvision smart in-store video technologies

By analysing data from smart video systems, retailers and hospitality companies can optimise their operational efficiency and security and deliver even better customer experiences. At Hikvision, we call this Intelligent Operations.

Video data streaming from high-definition cameras deployed on retail premises can provide business intelligence on how many people have entered your store, what are the peak hours, and which goods they are most interested in. All this helps you right-size your workforce, protect your people and assets, and deliver the best in-store experiences – helping you achieve a major uplift in commercial outcomes. With Hikvision Intelligent Operations solutions, you can understand your customers better and deliver a range of in-store innovations to improve efficiency and in-store experiences. Our extensive Intelligent Operations portfolio includes:

  • VIP customer recognition VIP customers who opt to participate in special marketing promotions or other incentives can be identified so staff can provide the right kind of service at the right time. This gives you the opportunity to personalise the service experience, foster loyalty and maximise customer lifetime revenues.

  • People counting Get a clear view of how many customers visit your store, when they visit and what they buy. This helps you optimise your merchandising, right-size your staffing and reduce waiting times at the checkout – among many other benefits.

  • Heat map Optimise your merchandising strategy with a clear view of which areas of the store attract more customers and achieve the best conversion rates.

  • Queue detection Detect long queues at the checkout in real time and open new lanes to speed up and improve the customer experience, and reduce abandoned purchases. You can also use long-term queuing trends to optimise your staffing schedules.

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