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0x00000709 error while connecting to a Shared Printer on Windows 11

After updating Windows 11 to version 22H2, your network printers may stop working. Also, the error code 0x00000bc4 (Desc: ERROR_PRINTER_NOT_FOUND) or 0x00000709 (Desc: ERROR_INVALID_PRINTER_NAME) appears when adding a new network printer.

It's a known issue in Windows 11 22H2. This error occurs because the default connection method has changed in 22H2. Altering a setting in the Group Policy Editor resolves the issue.


To fix the network printer error 0x00000709 or 0x00000bc4, try these steps:

In Computer where the printer is physically installed

1. Launch the Local Group Policy Editor by entering gpedit.msc in RUN

2. Go to the following section: Administrative Templates → Printers → Configure RPC connection settings

3. Select “RPC over named pipes” from the dropdown, and click OK.

4. Exit the Group Policy Editor.

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