intrusion alarm

Intrusion or Burglar alarms are systems designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building or area.


Home Security

Wired & Wireless Intrusion Alarm

Infosec offers intruder alarm solutions which combine a deep customer understanding with world-leading technologies. Infosec provides top-tier intruder products suitable for a range of market segments and vertical applications. These include everything from residential and SOHO (small office/ home office) solutions, to commercial, healthcare, Bank, Temple, Church and critical infrastructure applications.

PIR Motion Detector

It detects far-infrared emitted from human body, and can be used to detect it from outside to inside.

Magnetic Contact Sensor

It can used to identify the action of opening/ closing door or window and ensure safety

Photoelectric Detectors

Detected by blocking the infrared beam emitted from the transmitter. Used for securing boundaries

Shock Sensor

Used to detect shock, vibration or glass breaking. 


It supports functions such as arm, disarm, stay arm, panic alarm and alarm elimination.

Photoelectric Detectors

Siren/Hooter connect to the control panel to raise an alarm to threaten the intruder run away

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